I am a self-taught, passionate level designer with 10 years of modding background, excellent technical skills, a good eye for detail, and experience in 1st and 3rd person games. I am also an amateur game designer and programmer, with an education in software programming and some past experience in web design.

Professional Experience

Symbiotic Entertainment | Remote work
Game Developer
2016 - 2017 | 8 months

I joined this small start-up early on to build a gameplay demo for pitching a PC ARPG game: building the demo level and some of the systems required (camera, audio, UI, editor tools) in Unity3D. I was in charge of the demo level and all audio outsourcing, working closely with artists and engineers to get the demo running on a tight deadline. Then the project pivoted to mobile, and I took on more of a game designer role with emphasis on level design and narrative: researching and breaking down competing games, pitching game mechanics, supporting the narrative design, designing level layouts that could be re-used for a variety of mission types. I ended up being the product owner of the core gameplay of the game: character kit framework, modular skill system, data structure, scene markup, camera setup...

Cloud Imperium Games - Foundry 42 | Frankfurt, Germany
Senior Level Designer
2016 | 9 months

I designed and oversaw the development of the pirate base called GrimHex. I took over the Levski excavation site, added new areas to its existing layout, and got it ready for the Gamescom 2016 live demo. I prototyped and documented a modular building set, as well as the mission system and some environmental gameplay mechanics. I whiteboxed and worked with artists to deliver a modular archetype of a refueling station for large ships. I was also the Lead LD’s right-hand when it came to recruitment and establishing processes, and was the point of contact for System Designers.

Level Designer
2015 – 2016 | 7 months

I was the 2nd Level Designer recruited at the Frankfurt studio, and worked on a single-player mission for Squadron 42 remotely with the UK team.

Crytek | Frankfurt, Germany
Level Designer
2012 – 2015 | 2+ years

I designed the 6th level of the game from beginning to end: documentation, block-out, asset placement, AI scripting, scripted events, mark-up, bug-fixing, optimization, balancing... I was also the owner of the scripting tools (creation of modules, tools requests, editor maintenance). After the game's release, I built a multiplayer level for the last DLC, handled the bug-fixing for all of the remaining DLC levels, and assisted the Homefront 2 team for a few weeks to help flesh out and script multiplayer modes.

Junior Level Designer
2011 – 2012 | 15 months

In pre-production, I designed and prototyped game mechanics & 3rd-person camera setups, and explored Kinect-based control schemes. I was then put in charge of the Vertical Slice demo and saw it to completion. I was also responsible for designing one of the single-player missions and training newcomers.

Intern Designer
2011 | 6 months

I designed levels and prototyped game mechanics for unannounced/canceled projects and single-handedly prototyped an original multiplayer mode using the scripting toolset.

Modding Experience

Crysis | The Call of the Fireflies | 4 months

A singleplayer mod depicting an old man who follows mysterious fireflies out in the wilderness, solves puzzles along the way, and tries to survive the winter cold. I experimented with the most basic FPS game mechanics (walk, interact) to create interesting gameplay, and put emphasis on developing a unique mood and immersive experience. This project won the Editor's Choice Best Original Art award at in 2010.

Crysis | Mandate of Heaven | 1 year

A chinese-themed campaign that presents an open, varied and detailed environment to explore, and multiple ways to reach the objectives. I tried my hand at designing a large free-roaming level to learn about its pitfalls and specifics, something that game engines I had used thus far didn't allow.

Killing Floor | Corner Market | 1 month

A medium-sized arena for a coop mode themed around a park and its nearby open-air farmer's market, developed within a month (including discovering the Unreal SDK and 3D Studio Max). It won 3rd prize of the Killing Floor Mapping Contest for which I built it, in 2009.

Max Payne 2 | Boiling | 4 months

A short noir story and classic Max Payne 2 gameplay in a level recycled from another project. A strong piece of action, with emphasis put on the cinematic look & feel. I designed and implemented the gameplay into an already built level and developed a short plot and intro to drive players through it.

Max Payne 2 | 7th Serpent: Genesis | 1.5 years

An action-packed mod for Max Payne 2, featuring classic corridor-shooter gameplay as well as a few innovations to keep it varied and interesting. I designed and scripted the gameplay for two levels and took over the project lead and related tasks (writing, PR...)

Max Payne 2 | Mona: The Assassin | 2.5 years

An explosive expansion featuring 5 custom levels, full of detailed environments and over-the-top action. I designed and scripted gameplay into three already built levels and took over the project lead and related tasks (writing, PR...)

Max Payne 2 | Hall of Mirrors | 1 year

Total conversion based on the movie Equilibrium, it focuses on implementing for the first time the use of 'gun-kata', a martial art involving handguns, and allowing the player to perform it in arenas inspired from the world depicted in the movie. I design a few arenas with destructible elements to suit the new combat system.

Please head over to my portfolio for more details about these projects and more.