Professional Experience

Hexagram | Remote work
Software Developer / Scripter
August 2017 - now

Hexagram is a small company specialized in interactive experiences. I joined them to develop chatbots for Skype.

  • Developed story-driven experiences within the limitations of non-linear conversation systems
  • Designed and built the architecture and input-processing logic of advanced chatbots in Chatscript
  • Wrote scripts in asynchronous Javascript to run and connect chatbots across platforms and servers
  • Collaborated with the Skype content team to define vision and integrate new Skype features
Symbiotic Entertainment | Remote work
Game Developer
2016 - 2017 | 8 months

I was one of the co-founders of this US-based startup of 12-15 members. We started by building a demo for a MOBA-like game in Unity, but pivoted towards developing a mobile ARPG for the Chinese market.

  • Conceptualized ways to build compelling narrative and lore into levels designed for re-use and replayability
  • Built a large greybox level for a top-down MOBA-like game with an emphasis on PvE encounters
  • Designed the character kit framework, skill system, data structures for a mobile ARPG aimed for the Chinese market
  • Directed an investor demo, worked remotely with artists and led a team of engineers to build the core game systems
  • Contributed to starting a company: researching markets, pitching designs, and promoting autonomy and ownership
  • Programmed game mechanics (camera, audio manager, UI, editor tools) for demos and prototypes in C#
Cloud Imperium Games - Foundry 42 | Frankfurt, Germany
Senior Level Designer
2016 | 9 months

I played a critical role in designing locations, missions, gameplay mechanics and creation tools for the persistent MMO component of Star Citizen.

  • Created the HUB space-pirate base GrimHex where players meet, get missions, participate in activities and buy goods
  • Wrote the initial designs for the systems behind generated missions, events and encounters in a persistent universe
  • Designed and prototyped environmental gameplay mechanics and systems for building modular space-stations
  • Reworked the Levski asteroid base to accomodate new features, and scripted it for the 2016 live Gamescom demo
  • Collaborated with studios in the UK, Canada and USA to develop tools and environments
Level Designer
2015 – 2016 | 7 months

I joined the Frankfurt studio early after it opened and contributed to establishing a strong design team there.

  • Designed and whiteboxed a level for the single-player campaign Squadron 42
  • Assisted the Frankfurt Lead LD and Game Director in recruiting and training designers
  • Collaborated with the design team and Lead LD in the UK studio
Crytek | Frankfurt, Germany
Level Designer
2012 – 2015 | 2+ years

I was part of the full development of Ryse - Son of Rome as one of the most technical level designers on the team.

  • Designed, whiteboxed and saw to completion the 6th level of Ryse's single-player campaign
  • Owned the scripting tools for level designers: creating modules, requesting tools and maintaining the editor
  • Built a 2-player coop level and bugfixed all levels for Ryse's DLCs 3 and 4
  • Prototyped Homefront 2 multiplayer open-world activities
Junior Level Designer
2011 – 2012 | 15 months
  • Owned the Ryse vertical slice demo used to get the project greenlit by Microsoft
  • Prototyped game mechanics, camera setups and Kinect-based control schemes
  • Trained newcomers from multiple departments to using CryEngine
Intern Designer
2011 | 6 months
  • Whiteboxed a multitude of levels for unannounced/canceled DLCs and games
  • Prototyped an original PvE coop multiplayer mode using the available scripting tools for a game pitch
  • Scripted placeholder environmental game mechanics and interactions for game prototypes

Modding Experience

Crysis | The Call of the Fireflies | 4 months

A singleplayer level depicting an old man who follows mysterious fireflies out in the wilderness, solves puzzles along the way, and tries to survive the winter cold. I experimented with the most basic FPS game mechanics (walk, interact) to create interesting puzzles, and emphasized developing an immersive experience. It won the Editor's Choice Best Original Art award at in 2010.

Crysis | Mandate of Heaven | 1 year

A Chinese-themed campaign that presents a varied open environment to explore, and multiple ways to get to objectives. I wanted to learn the principles and challenges of designing a large free-roaming level.

Killing Floor | Corner Market | 1 month

A medium-sized arena for a coop mode, themed around a farmer's market in London. Developed within a month, it won 3rd prize in the Killing Floor Mapping Contest in 2009.

Max Payne 2 | Boiling | 4 months

A short noir story emphasizing a cinematic look & feel. I designed and implemented the gameplay and developed a short story and intro to drive players through it.

Max Payne 2 | 7th Serpent: Genesis | 1.5 years

An action-packed campaign for Max Payne 2 taking place in a conference center. I designed and scripted gameplay for two levels.

Max Payne 2 | Mona: The Assassin | 2.5 years

An expansion featuring 5 custom levels, full of detailed environments and over-the-top action. I designed and scripted gameplay for three levels.

Max Payne 2 | Hall of Mirrors | 1 year

A total conversion based on the movie Equilibrium. It was the first use of 'gun-kata' in a game, a martial art involving handguns. I designed a handful of levels full of destructible elements to react to the new combat system.

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